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Electron Surfer Straight Take:  An “entry level” into the quality of the Dualtron line. A single rear motor “singletron??” with 1,450 watts of peak output put this scooter at the head of the pack of single motor scooters for acceleration. There are some quirks with the short deck, but good braking and impressive top speed offset most of those quirks. Hill climbing was not as good as the acceleration testing suggested. The scooter is quite nimble even though it is nearly 50 pounds and it feels super solid.

Testing Summary (175 lb rider, unless noted): 
Top Speed: 26.7 mph via GPS.
Acceleration 0 to 100′ = 6.16 seconds.
Braking from 15 mph, ebrake level 5 = 17.0 ft.
Braking from 15 mph, abs on = 18.8 ft.
Speed limit 2 = 17.98 miles to 55% battery/22.8 wh/mi, projects to ~32miles.
Speed limit 3 = 24.67 miles/33.6 wh/mi.

dualtron mini

2019 Unagi "the model one"

Electron Surfer Straight Take:  A great looking scooter with highly refined electronics making for very smooth power, acceleration, and braking. Easy to carry makes this a nice work errand scooter or last mile solution. The website hype of the tires do not greatly smooth out road imperfections leading to a ride quality that is worse than air-filled tires.  If you like the looks and are comfortable mainly going 10-12 mph to ease the road vibrations, this is a good option. 

Testing Summary (175 lb rider, unless noted):
Top Speed: 18.8 mph.
Acceleration 0 to 100′ = 8.10 sec single motor, 6.37 sec dual motor.
Braking from 15 mph = 25.8 ft single motor, 22.3 ft dual motor.
Dual Motor, limit 3 = 7.8 miles/30.8 wh/mi.
Dual Motor, limit 2, 3 days of short trips = 8.2 miles/25.5 wh/mi.
Single Motor, limit 2 = 7.6 miles/26.3 wh/mi.
Dual Motor, limit 3 = 9.3 miles/24.7 wh/mi (*135 lb rider).

Unagi by mural

2019/2020 Emove Cruiser

Electric Surfer Straight Take:  A long range  scooter with over 1,500 watt hours of LG battery.  Combined  with turn signals, tubeless tires, IP67 rating, and disc brakes; give you a real commuter scooter.  There are budget elements on the handlebar, a weak front fender design, and a hefty 54.1 pound weight.  Speed claims were met while range claims fells just a little short for this 175 lb rider. Great value for the amp hours with some extras…

Testing Summary (175 lb rider): 
Top Speed: 24.1 mph
Acceleration 0 to 100′ = 6.35 seconds.
Braking from 15 mph = 11.9 feet.
Range/Efficiency Mode 2 = 42.1 miles/37.1 wh/mi.

electric scooter emove cruiser

2019 Emove Touring

Electron Surfer Straight Take: A multi-purpose scooter capable of long commutes and fun at the park. Excellent suspension travel, strong acceleration, and good handling make jumping off curbs no problem. The suspension also allows for spirited riding and appears to help braking performance. 8-inch tires and higher deck clearance (for splash resistance) can make low speed handling twitchy for some. Handlebar presets can be fiddly to push in. It’s a good option for long commutes while being small and nimble enough for fun at the park.

Testing Summary:
Acceleration 0 to 100′ = 6.49 sec w/175lb rider, 6.19 sec w/125lb rider.
Braking from 15 mph = 20.38 feet w/175lb rider, 18.4 feet w/125lb rider.
Range/Efficiency Mode 2 = 24.0 miles/24.2 wh/mi (175lb rider)
Range/Efficiency Mode 3 = 14.0 miles/32.6 wh/mi (175lb rider), ~ 15.5 miles to 20%.

emove touring beach

Additional Reviews from YouTube will be added soon….