Ride Reviews

2018 Ride1up Electric Skateboards: Street Surfer and Slopestyle

Summary:  They are a simple design that looks sharp.  The performance is on par, or better, than higher priced boards.  The controller is right hand only and the throttle dial doesn’t have great feel.  Unfortunately it looks like Ride1Up has discontinued their boards.


Verdict: They are fun as hell and when you are experienced, have scary speed capability.  Watch the grip tape because it grabs like a mofo!  Unfortunately Ride1up is not longer carrying skateboards.

me with electric boards

2018 KingSong KS-14D

Summary:  A fun smallish diameter first wheel (aka EUC or electric unicyle).  Good acceleration and climbing ability, great braking as you get more experienced riding. The stock pedals are on the small size and larger road imperfections can be a challenge.  The stock app is just a turd, a big worthless turd!

Testing Summary:  

Acceleration 0 to 100 feet, 175 lb rider = 6.32 seconds
Acceleration 0 to 100 feet, 125 lb rider = 6.08 seconds
Braking from 15 mph, 175 lb rider = 17.3 feet
Braking from 15 mph, 125 lb rider = 19.2 feet
Range with 130 lb rider = 17.6 miles using 310 wh, projected range of 23.9 miles.
Hill Climb, 175 lb rider = TBD
Hill Climb, 125 lb rider = TBD


electric unicycle at dusk

I will be adding some of my older reviews from YouTube here as time allows.