Glion Dolly Model 225


Electron Surfer Straight Take:  Surprisingly good acceleration, simple controls, and range as advertised.  The question is; does the fancy luggage carry handle offset the rough handling and lack of display…it depends!. The model 225 comes in at a lower price, with the addition of a rear light, front shock, and strong friction brake fender.  This is the scooter I am most comfortable putting an absolute beginner on.  Fun ride especially if it is flat….real flat!

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Specifications confirmed by Electron Surfer:

Motor: 250 watts/500 peak watts
Display: Battery Only
Battery: 36 volts, 7.8 amp hours = 380 watt hours
Charger: 2.0 amp, 1.2 pounds
Tires: 8 inch Solid
Suspension: spring front
Weight limit: 255 pounds
Scooter Weight: 28.7 pounds
folded (LxWxH): 37.5×6.5×13 inches
Unfolded (LxWxH):
38x8x12.5 inches
Deck Height: 5.5 inches
Deck Clearance: 3.75 inches
Deck Dimensions (LxW):
5.25×16.5 inches
Handlebars from deck:
30.75, 36, 39 inches
Handlebar Rotation:
65R, 75L degrees
Handlebar Width:
22 inches
Electronic, rear emergency friction
Advertised Range/Top Speed:
15 miles/15 mph
Advertised Hill Climb
Observed Range/Top Speed:
14.6 miles/15.1 mph


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