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I combine my career of 20 years as a scientist gathering, managing, and analyzing data with my love of biking and the outdoors.  I joined my first bike “gang” in third grade on my huffy bmx, from this renegade beginning stemmed a lifetime love of riding.  I’ve built funky bikes from random parts, rode junky bikes all over town, and had a beloved Bianchi as my “car” while I went to college.  I got into electric bikes when the first hub motor kits started to come out with non-lead acid batteries.  Until then, I wasn’t jazzed about lugging around pounds and pounds of big batteries.  I’ve had a number of electric bikes and believe they really open up a whole new world to commuters; fresh air, not sitting in traffic, exercise (yes, its true!), gas savings, the list goes on!  Electric bikes (and other electric modes of transportation) tend to pay for themselves in many ways––including giving you the reason to get on your bike when you might not otherwise feel up to it.  When you start to see how an electric bike can help people that are not able to ride an unassisted bike, it can’t help but get you excited!

In 2017, I bought my first electric scooter for a new job located in downtown Sacramento.  The lack of clear information regarding electric scooters was concerning, especially considering how expensive they are.  So, I filmed my first review. The thought of helping people out is the impetus for what you are reading now.  Electric scooters open up various transportation solutions, they can be easy to transport, help save money on driving-related expenses, and some scooters have the range to replace long commutes.

I will bring you unbiased data-based reviews that will assist you in making informed buying decisions in this rapidly changing market.

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